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Turn Your Period Into a Ritual of Self Love

We combine the power of CBD, herbs, and good intentions into products that support your body during that miraculous thing it does each month – have a period.


Go With The Flow Period Tincture

225mgs CBD

These herbal drops combine CBD with plant extracts specific for period relief. Expect love letters from your uterus.


Cramp Salve-Ation

125 mgs CBD

This luxurious body rub helps soothe cramps and aches. Salvation found.




Powered by full-spectrum, hemp derived CBD–think all of the benefits without the high


Made by women with periods, tested by women with periods, for the most effective period relief


Made with organic, sustainably sourced ingredients and only things that we want to put in our bodies too (ie nothing artificial)



The tincture is my new favorite thing - liquid gold! I go from achey, crampy, and restless, to chill and relaxed and relieved
— Emily A., San Francisco, CA
My state improved which allowed me to go on with my day without being distracted by the pain of my cramps and headache.
— Dana M., San Rafael, CA
The salve worked like magic to clear my cramps. It also works well for neck tension! So grateful to find a natural solution.
— Dr Jen Green, Detroit, MI
The salve worked immediately right on the exact spot I rubbed it on.
— Safany S., San Francisco, CA
I’ve had unbearable cramps for 20 years. I would take large amounts of painkillers every few hours. When I tried the Go With The Flow Period Tincture, I experienced more relief than I expected! This is a much better route than taking Ibuprofen. I got a lot of relief.
— Jen N., Seattle, WA
Moon + Leaf’s tincture is a godsend! Knowing I can have a dialogue with my body, and gently regulate my experience instead of numbing out the pain is incredibly empowering! It’s shifted how I experience my cycle each month from something I have to fight, to something I can wisely work with.
— Kala W., San Francisco, CA



We create healing herbal products
To help you remember your divinity
When your uterus is spasming
And your blood is cleansing
And your emotions are raw
To remind you that listening to your body is not weakness
It is the warrior path to feel it all and love it all
We are here to soothe your pain with herbs
And soothe your soul with something revolutionary:
Self Love
Now go on and love yourself up!